“suiteHEART saves us a lot of time in our daily clinical practice.  The fully automated pre-processing for LV, RV, and flow works great – and the accurate segmentation reduces interobserver variability”

Dr. Olivier Ghekiere

Jessa hospital/Hasselt University Belgium

“I fell in love with cardiac MRI as a fellow… not so much the analysis. That all changed when I met my suiteHEART! Easy to use, preprocessing is amazing and saves me a ton of time. My life wouldn’t be the same without it and it’s been a tremendous tool for resident education!”

William F. Burke | M.D.

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami FL

“The automated post-processing is fast and accurate. It’s easy to view side by side comparison images of function, perfusion and viability as well as prior studies.  There are robust tools for perfusion, tissue characterization, function and flow analysis. Technical and clinical support are rarely needed, but staff is easy to reach and very helpful.”

Scott Bingham, MD

Revere Health

“suiteHEART’s Virtual Fellow is truly remarkable.  Without any user input, it automatically presents the corresponding images side-by-side, even if they’re from different exams, making comparisons quick and easy. There’s nothing else like it!”

Dr. Soheila Talebi

Mount Sinai, NY

“suiteHEART has vastly improved our workflow in a high-volume environment.  The interface is quick and responsive and the automated contouring for volumetric analyses is second to none.”

Dr Tora Leong | Consultant Cardiologist

Hermitage Medical Clinic, Dublin, Ireland

“Clearly I love the speed and quality of the automated left ventricular function and mass analysis. You can upload batches of cases for fully automated preprocessing. It saves me a lot of time of quantification. The RV also works well, and I get the contours for the whole cardiac cycle.”

Prof. Dr. Eike Nagel

University Hospital Frankfurt

“We are scanning too many patients these days! The automated LV Function is enabling us to take more patients on board.”

Dr. Valentina Puntmann

University Hospital Frankfort

“suiteHEART® saves me a ton of time post processing. Overall, I give it two thumbs up.”

Dr. Edward T. Martin

Oklahoma Heart Institute

“suiteHEART® cut down my analysis time by 80%, sometimes even 90%. It’s definitely a game changer.”

Dr. Seth Uretsky

Morristown Medical Center