Features Overview


suiteHEART® software incorporates an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for reviewing and reporting cardiac magnetic resonance images. Review multiple exams, series and images through an optimized viewer specifically designed for cardiac MR. suiteHEART® software provides comprehensive analysis tools and user-customizable reporting for various applications and offers multi-vendor platform support.

Virtual Fellow® Function Analysis Flow Analysis Myocardial Evaluation Analysis T1 Mapping Analysis T2 Mapping Analysis T2* Analysis Myocardial Perfusion Analysis Patent Foramen Ovale Analysis 3D Viewer/4D Flow Strain Analysis* Quantitative Myocardial Perfusion Analysis*

*Strain Analysis/Quantitative Perfusion Analysis are Investigational Devices: Claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. Use pursuant to company instruction and research agreement. NeoSoft, LLC proprietary and confidential.

Additional Features

Semi‐automatic tools are available for left ventricular contour detection, valve plane detection, vessel contour detection for flow analysis, signal intensity analysis for myocardium and infarct sizing measurement, and T2 star analysis. Measurement tools on the report interface make it possible to quickly and reliably fill out a complete clinical report of an imaging exam.  Available tools include: point, distance, area, and volume measurement tools such as ejection fraction, cardiac output, end‐diastolic volume, end‐systolic volume, and volume flow measurements. A report input interface is also available.

Intuitive Guided Workflow Normal Reference Values Dicom Networking Multi-Vendor Support Reporting & Searchable Database Customizable Macros


The results of the measurement tools are interpreted by the physician and can be communicated to referring physicians. When interpreted by a trained physician these tools may be useful in supporting the determination of a diagnosis.