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Review and report on cardiac conditions with suiteHEART® with less clicks, less circles and less time.

suiteHEART® software by NeoSoft was designed from a physician’s perspective, so it’s a streamlined solution that works the way you think. The intuitive interface lets you review multiple exams, series, and images through an optimized viewer specifically designed for cardiac MR. And the best part? With zero-click pre-processing you can drastically reduce the time it takes to analyze an exam.

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Morristown Medical Center

“suiteHEART® cut down my analysis time by 80%, sometimes even 90%. It’s definitely a game changer.”

– Dr. Seth Uretsky

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Why suiteHEART®


suiteHEART® software provides semi-automated segmentation via preprocessing for function, flow, and myocardial evaluation.


suiteHEART® software is intuitive, compatible with multiple vendors, accessible anywhere and available with unlimited or “per-case” licensing, making the financial commitment extremely low.


suiteHEART® software has zero-click pre-processing, which can reduce analysis time by up to 90%*

*As reported by Dr. Seth Uretsky of Morristown Medical Center.

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Virtual Fellow®
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Function Analysis
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Flow Analysis
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Myocardial Evaluation Analysis
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T1 Mapping Analysis
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T2 Mapping Analysis
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T2* Analysis
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Myocardial Perfusion Analysis
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Patent Foramen Ovale Analysis
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3D Viewer/4D Flow
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Strain Analysis*
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Quantitative Perfusion Analysis*
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*Strain Analysis/Quantitative Perfusion Analysis are Investigational Devices: Claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. Use pursuant to company instruction and research agreement. NeoSoft, LLC proprietary and confidential.

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