About Us

NeoSoft, LLC has been bringing digital solutions to enhance and improve cardiac MRI. Founded by a renowned cardiac radiologist, NeoSoft focuses on cardiovascular post-processing software which aims to offer practical solutions to make clinical diagnosis easier, more intuitive, and much, much faster. Located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, NeoSoft is a trusted partner to today’s leading radiology vendors.

Why Choose Us?


For over 14 years, NeoSoft has been hard at work, continually providing solutions to discerning physicians, ensuring patients receive the best health care outcomes.


Cardiac MRI is a serious matter. That’s why we’ve carefully assembled top talent from around the globe which includes experienced and highly educated radiologists, application specialists, engineers, and software designers.


Cardiac MRI is all we do. Being focused allows us to make sure every element is considered, as well as any opportunities for improvement and better serving our customers.


At NeoSoft, we never stop improving. So when we get feedback for suggested improvements, we take it seriously. Our top engineers are available to talk directly to customers, and more times than not, we make it happen.

Why You’ll Benefit

suiteHEART® software

Our flag ship product. Incorporating an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for reviewing and reporting cardiac MRI, physicians can review multiple exams, series, and images through an optimized viewer specifically designed for cardiac MR.

Save time

With zero-click pre-processing, physicians can drastically reduce the time it takes to analyze cardiac MR.

Low risk

Cardiac MRI software can be expensive. At NeoSoft, we want to mitigate that risk and offer unlimited or “per-case” licensing, meaning the financial commitment is low.


By being vendor agnostic, customers don’t have to settle for one vendor’s software. That means you can choose what you want – as well as access it from anywhere.

Our Founder

NeoSoft was created by Steven D. Wolff, M.D., Ph.D., FACR, a leading radiologist who specializes in cardiology to address the sizeable need of intuitive and reliable cardiac MRI post-processing software. Still a practicing radiologist, Dr. Wolff continues to lead the field of cardiac MR, leading workshops, sitting on editorial boards, and co-authoring peer-reviewed manuscripts. After attending Yale College and Duke University, he completed his radiology residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Radiology, an honor which is bestowed on fewer than 10% of its members.

Dr. Wolff also created and continues to maintain cardiacmri.com